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What is pediatric neurorehabilitation? - MedTalk Podcast S5 - EP4 - (Español)
Learn about pediatric neurological rehabilitation, who can benefit from therapy, and how to identify that we are attending a professional rehabilitation center. We are joined by DPT Antonio Gaona, a pediatric physiotherapist with over 10 years of experience, who has his physiotherapy clinic in Mexicali.
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What is endoscopic spine surgery? - MedTalk Podcast S5 - EP3 - (Español)
Learn about what endoscopic spine surgery is, how it is performed, and what are the advantages offered by this minimally invasive technique. We are joined by Dr. Raul Rincón, a neurosurgeon with more than 8 years of experience and who has his own practice in Los Cabos.
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What to expect at your first urology appointment - MedTalk Podcast S5 – EP2 - (Español)
Learn about what the first visit to the urologist entails, at what age it's recommended to go for the first time, and the issues they address. Joining us is Dr. Luis Dariel Martínez, a urologist and pediatric urologist with over 8 years of experience, practicing in Piedras Negras, Coahuila.
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Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy - MedTalk Podcast S5 - EP1 - (Español)
As every October 19th, we join the awareness campaigns about breast cancer. Learn more about breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy, as well as the importance of early detection of breast cancer. We are joined by Dr. Guillermo Castaño, a plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience, who practices in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.